Social Media Intelligence in China

Social medias in China are very different from the ones found in other countries. After Facebook and Google left the country, gathering social media intelligence in China has become hard for those who do not know the local digital eco-system.

Indeed, social medias in China have a higher penetration rate, and often have more daily users than social networks in the West. There are two main ones, both under the Tencent company: WeChat and Weibo. As both of these are the most used in China, it is relatively easy to obtain data about users to obtain social media intelligence. Other social medias are Youku (equivalent of Youtube), Linkedin and a few others who have only recently started to develop.

Of course, using WeChat and Weibo only can be a limit for actionable social media intelligence, but it is also perfectly fine to focus solely on these two, as they account for over 1 billion daily users. WeChat can be seen as a mix of Twitter and WhatsApp, with a dash of Apple Pay. All those features allow for a lot of data to be extrapolated from its users. Obtaining the intelligence for Chinese social media may be tricky, as they are all in Chinese and used solely by Chinese people, thus making it hard for foreign companies to obtain and understand the data.

Understanding social medias intelligence in China can be hard, as the Chinese netizens act differently than their western counterparts: they are usually very engaged with brands and celebrities, who on their own accounts also need to engage a lot, in order to stay on the good side of their followers. Reaching them in a way that will make them engage is therefore of great importance for brands, which will allow for important data to be collected.

Social media in China are not to be underestimated. In the digital age, they can make or break a company in no time, and that is especially true in China. Thus, social media intelligence is a very important tool, that must not be neglected.